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Five quick ways to spruce up your front porch
12 Aug 2014 | Gardening

Let's face it, August is chaotic. Kids are going back to school, fall sports are starting back up and we're all trying to squeeze one last vacation in before summer is officially over. Here are five ways to add a little life to your front porch without spending all day in the scorching summer heat.

1. Brighten up your patio with a container. Containers are very versatile and can be used almost year-round. Annual flowers are a great, inexpensive way to spruce things up. You can also use perennials in your container for the summer, then remove it and plant it in your landscape in the fall. Other ideas for a container garden include miniature or fairy gardens, herb gardens, small trees and shrubs.

2. Add some decorative items such as statues or unique pottery to bring a new focal point to the porch. Look for a nice pot that you can fit smaller, plastic pots inside of. You can then easily change the look of your space by simply switching out the plastic liner.

3. A small water feature or fountain will not only look good, it can create a nice ambiance as well. Many smaller fountains are specifically designed to placed on patios and are easy to set up and maintain. Birdbaths and small water gardens (pots filled with water and pond plants) are other options.

4. We all know how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make in your house; the same applies to your old, tired patio furniture. Hose off the furniture, let it dry, grab a can of spray paint and have at it. This can also be a great way to get the kids involved in a quick project...just make sure you put them in some old clothes first!

5. Move some of your houseplants outside and give them a bit of fresh air. Many plants will benefit from the increased access to direct light and fresh air. Be sure to research your specific plants to make sure that they can handle the conditions they will be exposed to. Before bringing them back in for the winter you may want to treat them with a systemic insecticide so that you don't drag unwanted critters back in with it.

We hope this helps you brighten your season up a bit. If you have any questions about the items on this list or if you'd like more ideas come by and see usor give us a call. We'd be more than happy to help!

Quick Tips

Many bulbs are planted in the fall because they require prolonged exposure to the cold temperatures of winter in order to flower. If you don't get your bulbs planted in time you can trick them into blooming by storing them in the refrigerator and planting them in the spring.